Here at Klickd.com we have your dating needs covered. We're a dating site but we don't just list profiles. We match you by interests but we don't leave you hanging to initiate the date. You can post date ideas but we also provide interest-based events all over town for you.  We find that getting offline to enjoy the things you love to do and discover early on if you have that spark with someone is the best formula for online dating success.  

Your experience on Klickd.com will be easy, fun and never ordinary. Find like-minded singles by browsing through specific interests, activities or lifestyle preferences and attend events and classes in your community that are already narrowed down by the interests you enjoy.   

Have you ever wanted to have a great time learning the Tango with a group of singles who are eager to do the same? How about a group of like-minded singles with whom to watch the next big game at your local sports bar?  You'll find all of these dates and more on Klickd.com - Simply search for the interests you love and click on the Events Calendar to see what's planned in the community for you that week.  But we also understand that you may want to post your own date ideas or group dates so we've given you a place to share what you want to do on date night.  Or, suggest a group date if you have friends that want to tag along for a small get together.

Here's the best part. We also hold no-host singles mixers in the hottest spots around town. Simply show up, bring a friend or two and ask for the lime green straw to show others in attendance that you are single and approachable. A great way to chat up local singles in your area! Just look out for our emails that will state when and where the next singles mixer is.

We at Klickd.com welcome you to the community and we are sure that you'll enjoy the many opportunities to meet like-minded singles around town. It's easy to get started - Create a profile and join the Interest Groups that reflect who you are.  Browse singles with the same interests and go on dates or chat privately.  We've given you all the options so that you can taIlor your online dating experience to meet your personal needs.  Just remember, doing your favorite things is always better when shared with someone who loves to do them as much as you do.



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